Advanced Control Centre

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Advanced Control Centre 


With the Loading Systems Advanced Control Centre you can efficiently and pro-actively coordinate, monitor, control and manage vehicle traffic around your loading bays. The system is based on Dock Management, Facility Management, Service and Statistics & Reporting modules.


The Advanced Control Centre is an easily accessible solution and is fully web-based. The Advanced Control Centre is accessible from any PC with an internet connection, and allows multiple authorised users to use the system simultaneously.


Dock Management

The Dock Management module offers live information on the status of all your loading and unloading dock stations. Vehicles can be allocated to a loading bay by making a real-time reservation at the loading and unloading dock from a remote location.


Facility Management

The Facility Management module provides a real time status overview of all your loading and unloading bays at a glance.



With the Service module, your loading and unloading bay equipment is monitored 24/7. The Advanced Control Centre informs a Loading System specialist on any loading and unloading bay equipment breakdowns.


Statistics & Reporting

The Statistics & Reporting module allows you to optimise transport and flow of goods. With the Statistics & Reporting module you have the possibility to retrieve loading bay equipment usage rates, exact and average loading and unloading times and the number of movements per loading and unloading bay.


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